Young Drivers Car Insurance

The fact that young drivers car insurance is more expensive than your typical policy is fairly common knowledge. Insurance companies consider new drivers high risk, partially because teenagers between 16 and 19 years of age are five times more likely to be involved in an accident than an experienced driver. The premiums for first time drivers do not begin to lower until around age 25, but there are some ways to lower the cost of the policy and the price that is quoted before this.

Student-Based Discounts

Virtually all companies that provide young drivers car insurance offer discounts for students who have a good school record. This includes not only grades, but also membership to clubs, associations, and organisations for students. If you have a part time job, tell the insurance agent about that, as well. These discounts are awarded based upon how responsible the insurance company feels that a student is. When asking for these discounts, it is important to provide proof of GPA and group memberships so that an insurance agent can verify it.

Learn to Drive Defensively

Driver’s education classes are excellent in general, but taking a good defensive driving class can bring your monthly premiums down quite a bit. Even if you have been driving for a while, having a defensive driving class on your insurance file can help you. These classes teach people practical driving methods and help them to learn to stay aware of their surroundings, of the behaviour of other drivers, and of potential dangers that the weather poses. When a policy holder has these driving tools, insurance companies tend to view them as a lower risk because they are better able to stay out of accidents and dangerous situations.

Opt for More Safety

While air bags and safety belts are the most basic of safety features, they don’t get much of a discount on young drivers car insurance. You may wish to look for more or have some installed if you have a car that only has the basics. Car alarms are the most common extra discount, but you can receive money off of your premium for other anti-theft devices, as well. A GPS tracking device is invaluable in the event that your car is stolen – it can be activated after you report the theft and located quickly. A lockdown mechanism will keep a thief inside the car until the authorities arrive if he or she attempts to hotwire it and immobilisers can keep your car from being driven away if the ignition is forced. These features not only get you discounts, but they can save you from having to replace your car and any personal items inside.

Car Models and Cost

While a shiny new car is a huge temptation, remember that it will push your monthly premiums up. It is important to keep your insurance in mind when choosing a car. A used car or older model will keep your premiums down, but be sure that it contains some safety features. Even when considering used cars, it could be worth it to choose one that is easy to repair and find replacement parts for. Cars that are more out of the ordinary will cost more for special repairs. Even certain colours and paint finishes can make your insurance go up – if in doubt, ask an insurance agent for an updated list of these colours and finishes. The safety rating of the car model can affect your rates, as well. Instead of buying a car on impulse, look around for a bit and research your favourites before you make a purchase. Even car models made by the same manufacturer can have vastly different safety records.

Keep a Clean Driving History

Having a good driving history and keeping it clean can benefit a young drivers car insurance policy greatly. Any kind of traffic violation, whether a parking citation or driving through the wrong traffic light, can keep you from getting a better premium. Clean record discounts usually kick in between one and three years after you purchase your policy, but they are worth the trouble of keeping your driving record clean.

Carpooling and Safety

While there are discounts available for carpooling with friends and siblings, having them in the car with you can pose a risk. This is particularly true if your friends or siblings tend to get a bit unruly. Have anyone who is in the car with you stay reasonably quiet and calm. Also avoid using a mobile phone while driving, whether you are texting or talking on it. Paying attention to things other than the road and your surroundings while driving is a great way to have an accident.

Comparing Policies

You can get the most affordable insurance policies by getting quotes through a UK comparison site. By using one of these sites to compare low quotes online, you can find cheap quotes and apply your discounts easily using their information forms. If you are more comfortable choosing a policy online, you can buy it directly through the comparison site instead of visiting a local insurance office. Just make sure that you are getting the coverage that you need under the prices you are quoted before committing to a policy.