Young Car Insurance: Pricey Outlay or Possible Investment?

It’s unfortunate when you think about it, the terms ‘young’ and ‘car insurance’ simply do not make natural bedfellows nowadays.

It serves as little consolation to the post adolescent when it is pointed out to him or her that they do unfortunately have this mathematically demonstrable tendency to drive their cars into other cars (or even stationary objects) with more frequency than older people.

Or that excessive speed seems to be a not inconsiderable factor in many of these collisions.
Or even that sheer lack of experience dictates that dreams of the ‘souped up Subaru’, other than when experienced virtually on a computer monitor, are realistically going to remain just that.

Young car insurance, is a numbers game and unfortunately you just can’t argue with numbers. In fact, the very mention of young car insurance is enough to guarantee that those numbers are going to be big, both in terms of the statistics and the size of the premiums they reflect.

Here in the UK, we live on a crowded island on which we really do keep a disproportionate number of cars. It is also the case that the dynamics of our economy over the past 30 years has meant that more of us can afford to own cars, that they are no longer perceived as a luxury item and that we can afford to own them at a younger age.

But these facts do little to console the youngster, pass certificate in hand, eager to get on the road and faced with a crippling policy quote.

Yet the fact is that there really ought to be some consolation in these facts. Young car insurance may not be cheap, but in most cases it is not prohibitive and the fact does remain that a young driver today is more likely to be able to purchase and run a motorcar than his or her counterpart was back in the 1970s or 1980s.

A more realistic perspective ought to be that young car insurance has the effect of restricting the type of vehicle to which a young person has access to and like it or not, the numbers stack up in favour of this being a wise policy.

So if you are prepared to research online car insurance comparison sites and your goal is to provide yourself with good reliable transport and not a daily adrenalin fix, then the cost of young car insurance may not be as prohibitive as you think.

Insurance companies as you will have realised, base everything on risk, so strive to limit risk as much as possible. Your car should be in a low insurance group, you should search companies that specialise in your age group and research which of them offers discount and why.

It has never been easier to compare quotes and cover and it is almost certain that provided you take the time to do your online research, there will be a company out there offering a policy to suit your requirements and your pocket.