What To Consider When Searching For The Cheapest Car Insurance

The search for the cheapest car insurance is something that every motorist has to consider at least once a year. Every 12 months or so, millions of people log onto car insurance comparison to compare the different quotes on offer from a wide variety of companies.

The driving force behind this is, of course, the quest to find a policy that saves you money. After all, there is little incentive to pay for a similar level of cover with one provider when another insurance company offers the same level of insurance at a significant discount.

But therein lies the rub which many drivers are often blissfully unaware of when it comes to finding the cheapest car insurance. How can you be sure that the cheapest policy you have found is the one best suited to your circumstances and will provide the level of cover you need, should you ever be required to use the policy?

Therefore, there are several things to consider before you decide which of the cheapest car insurance quotes you find is the one most relevant to your situation.

One such issue to consider is the voluntary excess you are required to pay in the event of a claim. One way many UK insurance companies try to keep their insurance costs down is by increasing the size of the voluntary excess that motorists are required to pay should circumstances arise where they need to make a claim.

In some cases, the voluntary excess demanded by some online policies can be as high as several hundred to many thousands of pounds, depending on the individual insured and the vehicle named on the policy. A driver has to consider if the cheap policy they are viewing will be viable in the event of an accident, and they still have to find several hundred pounds, or more, to facilitate repairs to their vehicle.

In many cases, drivers may find an alternative policy, for perhaps just a few pounds more, that ensures the voluntary excess payable in the event of a claim is significantly lower, meaning that they will not be so drastically out of pocket should they be forced into making a claim.

Another key consideration when considering the merits of your cheapest car insurance quote is the provision of a replacement vehicle should your car be out of action for any length of time. A cheaper quote may not include provision of a complementary vehicle while yours is out of action, and this can cause considerable problems and additional expense if the vehicle is used on a daily basis for travelling to work for example.

In the quest for the cheapest car insurance available, it is wisest to ensure the cheapest policy you find is also relevant to your situation. In many cases, the savings made per month on the cheapest policy may be negated considerably if the holder is forced to claim on the policy. As such, any search for cheap car insurance should always take these factors into consideration.