UK car insurance

Buying car insurance can be such a daunting process that it’s hard to know where to start. With so many providers offering different deals left right and centre and so many terms and conditions to trawl through, the whole thing can quickly become so confusing that many people simply opt for the deal that’s in front of them. However, by understanding just the basics of car insurance it’s easy to find a cheap deal that provides great cover. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common terms commonly found when it comes to buying UK car insurance.

The law

While car insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense, having the correct and valid UK car insurance is a legal requirement when driving on roads in Britain. Failure to have the minimum third party cover can result in anything from a £200 fine to a driving ban.

Types of cover

There are three main types of cover: third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive insurance. In the event of a crash, third party only will cover the other driver and the policy holder will be left to pay for any repairs themselves. Third party fire and theft will also cover any repairs as the result of any damage due to vandalism etc. Fully comprehensive cover is typically the most expensive policy and will also cover any repairs to the policy holder’s car in the event of a claim.

The excess

The excess is the amount that, in the event of a claim, the policy holder will pay towards the total cost. For example, if repairs to a car amount to £1,200 and the excess is set at £200, the policyholder will pay the first £200 and the insurance company will provide the rest. Similarly if a claim is just £150, the policy holder will pay the whole amount.

What cover to choose and how to keep costs down

As everyone’s circumstances are different, there is no UK car insurance policy that will suit everyone. If a car is worth less than £1,000 for example, it would not make sense to choose a fully comprehensive policy that costs £1,500. Similarly, a £32,000 car on a third party only policy can leave the holder with huge bills to pay in the event extensive repairs are needed.

Where the vehicle is kept and the security features of a car will also affect any UK car insurance quotes. Installing extra security features and keeping the car in a secure location such as a garage will compare favourably to a vehicle deemed unsecure. Volunteering to pay a higher excess can also offer an additional discount.

The best way of finding the right policy is by research. By going online and using car insurance comparison sites, plenty of companies and different policies can be considered quickly to find one to suit most circumstances.