Temporary Car Insurance: UK and Beyond

Imagine visiting your local produce market, wishing to buy say, some strawberries. Ought to be simple enough, you find somebody who sells strawberries decide a fair price for a punnet or two of them, pay up and enjoy them.

Now imagine doing the same thing in a market where the stallholder insists that you buy a 5kg tray of them. You may just about consider offsetting the increased costs by distributing the produce around your friends – but to justify doing so, the strawberries would need to be cheap. The realistic fact is you would not be likely to consider it.

But what if every strawberry seller insisted on doing the same thing?
Well then, chances are that nobody would be eating strawberries. There simply wouldn’t be market for them, unless the government enacted legislation forcing us all to eat strawberries.

Which is pretty much what they did with the insurance industry. The insurance companies had the whole game pretty much their way until comparatively recently and the historically typical attitude was: ‘why should I sell a punnet when I can sell a tray? They have to buy it anyway.’

Of course we all know that a need has existed for a metaphorical  ‘punnet’ of car insurance for almost as long as it has been legally mandatory to insure a motor vehicle. But the concept of temporary car insurance UK was just about as likely to be addressed as the idea of buying a pint of crude oil in Saudi Arabia, ‘you need it, so we’ll decide the quantity in which we sell it to you’. Not a particularly helpful mind-set is it?

Thanks to the proliferation of online car insurance comparison sites, the piper no longer automatically has the right to call the tune. Temporary car insurance UK is now a real factor in the way that the British industry markets car insurance products. It has to be, we are now in a position where the consumer is able to demand a product to match his or her requirements, or go elsewhere and there are countless insurance companies, many of them online that have stepped up to the plate and specialised in catering for that market.

And, as markets go, it’s a significant one – it always has been. It’s just that before you were provided with the technology to compare quotes and shop around, temporary car insurance UK was essentially a biased game of you being required (at best) to pay through the nose for the privilege of buying in smaller quantity.

So now, you can borrow that van, drive that car your friend offered to lend you, take your new one home from the dealership and do countless other things, and do them with the peace of mind you were always entitled to but were never given. Because although temporary car insurance UK still carries with it the basic caveat of retailing, that you must expect to pay more for a smaller unit of product, it is no longer able to support the notion that it is justifiable to impose punitive profits upon those who merely wish to comply with the law while going about their business.