Temp car insurance

If for whatever reason you need to use a car for a short period of time – or a friend or relative needs to use your car on a temporary basis – have you ever considered a temporary solution? A number of car insurance companies offer temp car insurance cover, allowing you to gain insurance rights for a limited number of days. Often temp car insurance can be found at discount prices, particularly if you have a good driving history. Discover the best policy online today, right here on our car insurance comparison website.

As many of us never knew such a thing as temp car insurance cover could be found before today, there are a few essential points you need to know about first. As the insurance is only temporary, determining a time period for the policy is important. Consider carefully how long you will need the cover for. Overestimates are always better than underestimates here; although you could later arrange with the insurance company for an extension on your policy, this will be more expensive. To take advantage of the best value deals, plan your motoring activities in advance.

Some insurance providers will be more flexible than others when it comes to offering temp car insurance of differing time spans. Specialist companies often let customers choose by day, allowing for complete flexibility. However, sometimes cheap temp insurance plans will offer a lower price for a higher number of days – so don’t remain too focused on your car insurance timeframe. If you’re searching for temp car insurance using our websites, you don’t need to be too concerned with this. We will automatically factor your minimum time period in and compare car insurance policies accordingly.

Another thing to remember is that in the UK there may be age restrictions on temp car insurance. Many providers do not allow those under the age of 21 – or even sometimes 25 – to take advantage of the savings offered by discount temp insurance policies. They will only take on more experienced drivers as the probability of an accident occurring is reduced in this way. If temp car insurance can be found for an individual of your age, you could find it listed here on our comparison website.

There is an alternative to temp insurance cover. You could instead add another driver to your policy. This could work out to be the cheaper option, but we urge you to think twice about it. Do you trust this person as a driver? Remember, if they have to make a claim, you will lose your own no-claims bonus. Sometimes it is better to avoid risks such as these, particularly if you are not financially responsible for the individual about to be insured on your vehicle. Of course, this will be different if the person is your partner or spouse, as you will undoubtedly make financial plans together.

Get online today and compare quotes for temp car insurance from a range of providers; from here finding one to suit your needs will be easy.