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New Research Reveals Young Motorists May Benefit From Telematics Cover

Research carried out by Consumer Intelligence indicates that many young motorists are benefitting by paying lower car insurance premiums as a result of having a “black box” fitted to their cars. This is also known as “telematics’ car insurance. Such … Continue reading

Young Drivers Faced With High Premiums

It is no secret that a young motorist is going to have to pay a high premium for their car insurance. This should not come as a surprise as a newly qualified driver that is 18 years of age has … Continue reading

Improved Safety Standards Could Help Young Motorists

You must be aware that the younger motorist pays more for their car insurance than any other driver when taking age into account. In fact, car insurance premiums are so restrictive for youngsters that many of them cannot afford to … Continue reading

How To Reduce Young Drivers’ Car Insurance Premiums

It is no secret that young car motorists are going to face huge car insurance premiums when they buy their first car often running into 4 figures. Why is this – you may ask? It is quite simply because a … Continue reading

What is happening to the car insurance market?

Some insurance companies are increasing premiums whist others are reducing them to try to increase the number of customers on their books. Directly sold comprehensive car insurance policies for the average five cheapest premiums increased by 8.5% to £1,034 per … Continue reading

“Black boxes” fitted in cars in Northern Ireland

“Black boxes” are being installed in cars in Northern Ireland which may result in car insurance premiums being reduced by as much as 55% for younger drivers. It is a small device with new “telematic” technology. According to the AA, … Continue reading

Second Motor Insurance Summit

The first summit took place on the 14th February and was hosted by David Cameron –see earlier post covering this. On the 2nd May the Department of Transport hosted the second summit on motor insurance with whiplash injury claims and … Continue reading

“Fronting” On Car Insurance Takes Heavy Toll On Parents

Although everyone has been bearing the brunt of rising car insurance costs, it turn out that some have to bear more than others, as a Telegraph recently pointed out. A woman who was paying an annual car insurance premium of … Continue reading