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Will Your Insurer Pay Out Due To Storm Damage?

Here in the UK we do not encounter too many storms in the course of a year but, when we do, damage can be caused to vehicles perhaps due to fallen trees blown down in strong winds. So, bearing in … Continue reading

Upward Trend In Motor Insurance Premiums

Unfortunately, average car insurance premiums have been increasing over quite a lengthy period that is disappointing from a motorist’s point of view especially as we have also seen fuel costs rise of late. Information contained within the AA British Insurance … Continue reading

Many Motorists Would Prefer Not To Arrange Car Insurance

Some research has been carried out on behalf of Co-op Insurance in respect of car insurance that has revealed a number of concerning things about some driver’s views on this type of cover. The research of 2,000 motorists in the … Continue reading

How May A Student Lower The Cost Of Car Insurance?

It probably does not come as a surprise to you to read that one of the most expensive groups of people to arrange car insurance for is the young motorist who has recently passed his or her driving test. So, … Continue reading

Does There Need To Be Three Levels Of Car Insurance?

As a motorist, you will no doubt be aware that there are three levels of car insurance – third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. However, do we really need so much choice? Perhaps it may be … Continue reading

Why Tell Your Car Insurance Provider When You Retire?

Insuring a car these days does not come cheap. So, any way that you can find of lowering your premiums has got to be a positive move. There are so many factors that impact upon the premium that you pay … Continue reading

The Implications Of Not Insuring Your Car

Perhaps we should explain when you must insure your car from a legal point of view before looking at the implications if you are not insured. Unless your car has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) and you have … Continue reading

European Driving

There are many thousands of UK motorists that choose to travel to Europe in their cars to enjoy a well-earned holiday. Most journeys are either made by ferry or using Eurotunnel and there is an excellent road network once you … Continue reading

Is Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Worth Purchasing?

Although the financial press are of the opinion that we are coming out of a difficult economic period here in the UK, it is likely to be some time before we see the full benefit of this filter through to … Continue reading

Is Third Party Car Insurance Adequate?

You are no doubt aware that there are three levels of car insurance with those being third party, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive. As a general rule it is likely that third party cover is the cheapest … Continue reading