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Are Car Insurance Premiums Likely To Continue To Increase?

None of us like to have to pay more for our regular household bills and that includes our car insurance policy. Most years, when we receive our renewal notice, we tend to find that the premium is going up yet … Continue reading

Young Drivers Faced With High Premiums

It is no secret that a young motorist is going to have to pay a high premium for their car insurance. This should not come as a surprise as a newly qualified driver that is 18 years of age has … Continue reading

Is Automatically Renewing Your Car Insurance A Good Idea?

It is highly likely that once a year an envelope drops through your letterbox and/or an e-mail arrives in your Inbox with your car insurance renewal documents. This document will probably tell you that your car insurance is being renewed … Continue reading

Is It Good To Have So Many Insurers?

There are dozens of insurance companies offering car insurance in the UK. The question is: “Is it good to have so many insurers?’ The answer has to be a resounding: “Yes” but why is this? Well, the more competition that … Continue reading

What Happened To The EU Gender Directive?

You may remember that, back on 21st December 2012, the European Union Gender Directive came into force with the intention of making sure that insurance companies did not discriminate on price between men and women due to their gender. Car … Continue reading

Are Car Insurance Premiums On The Increase?

Let’s be honest, many people have seen the cost of insuring their cars drop in recent years. However, have we now seen the end of such reductions? We say this because of the information contained in the Confused.com car insurance … Continue reading

What Do You Do Upon Receipt Of Your Car Insurance Renewal Documents?

It is believed that there are over 24 million motorists on our roads in the UK that means that there are an awful lot of car insurance policies in place. Each year, millions of people will receive their renewal notices. … Continue reading

Why Do Younger, Inexperienced Drivers Pay More For Car Insurance?

A car insurance company base their premium on the potential risk of having to pay out and how much they may have to pay out in the event of receiving a claim due to the likes of an accident or … Continue reading

Will Black Boxes Be Fitted As Standard?

An increasing number of people, especially younger ones, are having a black box fitted in their car to benefit from cheaper car insurance premiums. It is also known as telematics insurance. The black box records a number of things such … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Continue To Fall

There is further good news for many car insurance policyholders following the release of the Confused.com price index for car insurance for the first quarter of 2014. This index is produced in conjunction with Towers Watson. Of course, whilst it … Continue reading