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Five Of The Cheapest Cars To Insure

You will probably be aware that there are a number of things that affect how much you will end up paying for your car insurance and with premiums having risen quite considerably for many motorists in 2015 anything that you … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Rise Again

The Towers Watson and Confused.com Car Insurance Price Index makes for interesting reading. However, it is not the news that you really want to hear about just before Christmas. For roughly the last 3 years, we had seen the average … Continue reading

Almost 3,500 Fraudulent Motor Insurance Applications A Week Detected

Many of you will be aware that there are a number of fraudulent applications for motor insurance but did you realize the huge scale of the problem? Would you be surprised if we were to tell you that last year … Continue reading

Where Can You Obtain Cheap Car Insurance?

Now you are probably going to think that we are talking about seeking out cheaper car insurance quotes through the likes of price comparison websites. However, you would be wrong! What we are actually referring to is the impact that … Continue reading

Why Is Customer Service Important?

When it comes to choosing which company to arrange your car insurance with, there may well be more than one factor that plays a part in your selection criteria. Having said that, for a larger percentage of people, the main … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Buying Your Car Insurance Online

When it comes to purchasing your car insurance for the first time you have a number of different options as so many companies are after your business. You can get the Yellow Pages out of the kitchen drawer and look … Continue reading

What Do You Do With Your Car Insurance Renewal Notice

Every year we receive our car insurance renewal notice either through the post or via an e-mail notification informing us that it is visible online. That is fine but what do you do with yours when you receive it? Many … Continue reading

Go Shopping For Cheaper Car Insurance

When you need to fill your car’s petrol tank with fuel you probably do so at a forecourt that is competitively priced whether it is located close to your home or on route to work. You are no doubt doing … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Price Comparison Websites

For most people these days, any chance that they can reduce their monthly outgoings is to be welcomed with the way the financial climate is here in the UK. This is one of the ways car insurance price comparison websites … Continue reading

For Cheap Car Insurance, Take Care Of Them Tyres!

Turns out driving habits and modifications aren’t the only factors knocking up car insurance premiums. A poll by Confused.com has found that insufficient tyre maintenance is another headache to be added on your things-to-do list for a successful premium. The … Continue reading