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Survey Reveals Fewer Car Trips Being Made

You may be surprised to read that the Department of Transport’s recent National Travel Survey: England 2013 revealed that fewer car trips were made by people in 2013 when compared with 1995/97. Many of you would probably have thought the … Continue reading

The Pros And Cons Of Paying Monthly For Your Car Insurance

When it comes to paying your car insurance premiums you tend to have two choices in terms of how often you make those payments. If you want to, you can pay annually or you can choose to make payments monthly … Continue reading

Sheilas’ Wheels Announce EU Gender Directive Plans

Sheilas’ Wheels are the leading brand of car insurance providers that focus on lady drivers so how they are to implement the EU Gender Directive that comes into force on 21st December 2012 has been long awaited. For those of … Continue reading

Don’t Leave Your Keys Unattended In Your Car

It may still be summer but it will not be long before winter sets in and the first snow and frost arrives. That often results in your car windscreen and other car windows freezing up. So, many of you will … Continue reading

Car Insurance Premiums Fall Again

Research by Confused.com the price comparison website has revealed another drop in car insurance premiums which is good news for drivers. The car insurance index of Confused.com/Towers Watson reveals prices are dropping due to competition between car insurers. The second … Continue reading

Cheaper Car Insurance With Autonomous Emergency Braking

Car insurance providers are shortly to introduce discounts for cars that have the benefit of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) fitted as standard. Lower car insurance premiums could come into effect from October but, at the latest, by the end of … Continue reading

Uninsured Drivers, a Major Cause For Worry

UK’s insurance industry is currently suffering major problems due to the number of uninsured drivers that are loose on the roads. So much so, that the industry is being forced to pay expenses amounting to £500 million per year by … Continue reading

“Fronting” On Car Insurance Takes Heavy Toll On Parents

Although everyone has been bearing the brunt of rising car insurance costs, it turn out that some have to bear more than others, as a Telegraph recently pointed out. A woman who was paying an annual car insurance premium of … Continue reading

Don’t Go Easy On Uninsured Drivers, Insurance Director Says

The director of a well known car insurance comparison website has expressed concerns over the fact that uninsured drivers are not being punished severely enough for dodging car insurance. Simon Douglas, the director of a prominent car insurance company, has … Continue reading

Opposition Pushes Cheaper Premiums For Young People

The Opposition has laid down some proposals that would come as happy tidings to the UK youth, if passed. According to the Labour party’s proposals, young people now stand to enjoy lower insurance premiums on the condition that the cars … Continue reading