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The Impact Of Adding An Additional Driver To Your Car Insurance

Many people presume that by adding someone else to their car insurance policy so that they can drive your vehicle and have the same cover as you on your car that the premium will increase. However, this need not be … Continue reading

Do You Need Car Insurance?

This may seem a strange question but, nevertheless, it is one that does sometimes crop up. So, do you need car insurance? The answer is that, unless your car is kept off the public road network and has been declared … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Price Comparison Websites

For most people these days, any chance that they can reduce their monthly outgoings is to be welcomed with the way the financial climate is here in the UK. This is one of the ways car insurance price comparison websites … Continue reading

Can You Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums?

In the current financial climate any way that you can reduce or contain your expenditure is to be welcomed. In recent years you have no doubt seen your car insurance premiums increase each year and may have done nothing about … Continue reading