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Watch Out For “Ghost Brokers”

Apparently, the Fraud Enforcement Department of the City of London Police has started a campaign to make motorists more aware of dishonest people arranging false motor insurance policies. There are no doubt a number of car drivers who have ended … Continue reading

Accidents In Car Parks Rise During The Festive Period

Christmas time is a busy period in the shops with people buying presents and stocking up on food for the annual Christmas Day and Boxing Day lunches. The car parks outside supermarkets and retail parks are particularly busy. So, it … Continue reading

Does Your Car Insurance Include Misfuelling Cover?

Now, you may say that it will never happen to you but it is estimated that in the region of 150,000 motorists each year put the wrong fuel in their vehicles. The majority involves people putting petrol into a diesel … Continue reading

Are Car Insurance Premiums Likely To Continue To Increase?

None of us like to have to pay more for our regular household bills and that includes our car insurance policy. Most years, when we receive our renewal notice, we tend to find that the premium is going up yet … Continue reading

Deferring Policy Start Date May Lower Premium

Some interesting research has been carried out by Which? into the impact delaying taking out car insurance by just a day can have on your premium. You may be surprised by just how much when you read the rest of … Continue reading

Car Stickers Cause Vicar Problems

A Reverend from Wales seems to have caused a bit of a stir with her insurance company due to the fact that she has had some stickers placed on the outside of her car. For instance, one has the words … Continue reading

Is It Good To Have So Many Insurers?

There are dozens of insurance companies offering car insurance in the UK. The question is: “Is it good to have so many insurers?’ The answer has to be a resounding: “Yes” but why is this? Well, the more competition that … Continue reading

Are Car Insurance Premiums Fair In Comparison To Claims Amounts?

Research has been carried out by Which? that makes for interesting reading and may go some way towards answering the above question. Utilising information provided by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), Which? compared, across 14 age groups, the average … Continue reading

Is Legal Expenses Cover Worth Having?

When you are looking into arranging car insurance there are a number of optional extras one of which is Legal Protection Cover. However, is this type of cover really worth adding into the policy and thus increasing your premium? Well, … Continue reading

Do You Bother To Read The Car Insurance Policy?

When you enquire about arranging car insurance how many of you bother to go to the trouble of reading the full policy document before purchasing your car insurance? The answer is probably: “Not many”. Perhaps this is hardly surprising when … Continue reading