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Where Can You Purchase Car Insurance?

You will not be surprised to read that there are a number of places that you can buy car insurance from. So, let’s have a look at some of them. Insurance Broker If you like the idea of meeting someone … Continue reading

The Benefit Of Protecting Your No Claims Discount

When you have had your car insurance in place for a number of years there is an optional extra that will probably become available to you. We are referring to the ability to protect your no claims discount that you … Continue reading

If You Are A Party To A Car Accident What Action Must You Take?

The prospect of being involved in a car accident is quite daunting and, whilst we hope that you are never faced with such a situation, it is perhaps better to be prepared with some knowledge about a few of the … Continue reading

Do You Bother To Read The Car Insurance Policy?

When you enquire about arranging car insurance how many of you bother to go to the trouble of reading the full policy document before purchasing your car insurance? The answer is probably: “Not many”. Perhaps this is hardly surprising when … Continue reading

The Impact Of Adding An Additional Driver To Your Car Insurance

Many people presume that by adding someone else to their car insurance policy so that they can drive your vehicle and have the same cover as you on your car that the premium will increase. However, this need not be … Continue reading

Do Worn Tyres Affect Your Car Insurance?

This is a question that often crops up and, for once, it is a question that is easy to answer. Yes, worn tyres could invalidate your car insurance. Your car insurance company expect that any vehicle that they insure is … Continue reading

Which Classification Of Car Insurance Do You Need?

Many people may not even realise that there are a number of different “classification of uses” of car insurance and it is important that you are in the correct one otherwise your car insurance provider may not pay out in … Continue reading

Woman Involved In Car Insurance Fraud Jailed

Although newsworthy, the following post is being published more as a few words of caution. It just goes to show that it is not worth taking the risk! It should not come as a surprise to hear that if you … Continue reading

Do Modifications To Your Car Affect Car Insurance Premiums?

As if you are not paying enough in car insurance premiums, had you given any thought to the impact modifications can have on your car? It may be your pride and joy that you love to tinker with, making modifications … Continue reading

Can You Reduce Your Car Insurance Premiums?

In the current financial climate any way that you can reduce or contain your expenditure is to be welcomed. In recent years you have no doubt seen your car insurance premiums increase each year and may have done nothing about … Continue reading