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Why Is Competition A Positive Thing?

There are an awful lot of car insurance providers in the UK all looking for new business and no doubt keen to retain their existing customers. However, why is such competition a good thing? Well, car insurance is obviously a … Continue reading

Deferring Policy Start Date May Lower Premium

Some interesting research has been carried out by Which? into the impact delaying taking out car insurance by just a day can have on your premium. You may be surprised by just how much when you read the rest of … Continue reading

What Happened To The EU Gender Directive?

You may remember that, back on 21st December 2012, the European Union Gender Directive came into force with the intention of making sure that insurance companies did not discriminate on price between men and women due to their gender. Car … Continue reading

Why Do Younger, Inexperienced Drivers Pay More For Car Insurance?

A car insurance company base their premium on the potential risk of having to pay out and how much they may have to pay out in the event of receiving a claim due to the likes of an accident or … Continue reading

Online Driving License Data Could Result In Cheaper Car Insurance Premiums

Surely anything that can be done to help either contain or reduce car insurance premiums has got to be supported especially with so many struggling to pay their household bills. Therefore, it was great to hear some good news emanating … Continue reading

The Benefits Of Buying Your Car Insurance Online

When it comes to purchasing your car insurance for the first time you have a number of different options as so many companies are after your business. You can get the Yellow Pages out of the kitchen drawer and look … Continue reading

European Driving

There are many thousands of UK motorists that choose to travel to Europe in their cars to enjoy a well-earned holiday. Most journeys are either made by ferry or using Eurotunnel and there is an excellent road network once you … Continue reading

Which Optional Extras Should You Select With Car Insurance?

As if you haven’t had to make enough decisions when looking into purchasing your car insurance such as the level of cover along comes a list of optional extras that, if chosen, will increase your premium further. So, what sort … Continue reading

The Cost Of Adding An Inexperienced Additional Driver To Car Insurance

I thought that I would write about my experiences of the last few days when I looked into adding my son to my wife’s car insurance on which I am named as an additional driver. My wife and I are … Continue reading

How Many People Aged 100 + Are Allowed To Drive?

There are millions of motorists on the roads in the UK but did you know how many people aged 100 years and over are permitted to drive? There are actually 191 people in that age group that have permission to … Continue reading