Student Car Insurance

For the majority of young adults, attending university provides the first experience of living on a budget. Maintaining a car whilst studying usually stipulates a large part of a student’s budget, and so it is of upmost importance to compare as many companies as possible in order to discover the cheapest quotes and available discounts for student drivers. is the only place you’ll need to find the right student car insurance for you, as we could save you money with our helpful price comparison tool.

The student demographic is often viewed as a high-risk group by insurers, so it can be extremely difficult to find cheap student car insurance. In many cases, the change of home address will have a damaging effect when insurers assess your premium seeing as crime rates around student areas can be fairly high. As in most situations, a student may be tempted to jump at the cheapest quote on offer, but it is always vital to consider the terms of the policy as a whole instead of accepting the cheapest student car insurance.

If you find that fully-comprehensive cover totals more than your car is actually worth, it is advised to compare the quote against theft only and third-party, fire and theft policies. can help you find the right premium with our online price comparison tool.

Shopping around is always advised if you want to find the best deals, but another way of helping you save money is undertaking the Pass Plus advanced driving course. For those that have successfully completed their driving test recently, taking the Pass Plus course may entitle you to a discount of 10 per cent or more on your premium during your first year on the road.

There are hundreds of UK-based insurance companies that will be clambering to offer you the best deal, but if you use our online price comparison service you’ll be more likely to find the best cover for your circumstances. Remember that in order to save as much money as possible, ensure the policy caters to every eventuality and is suitable for your situation. For example, if you had to remove your car from the road for any period of time would you require a courtesy car urgently – whether to travel around the university town or to get from university back home – or would public transport provide a feasible alternative?

There are of course other ways of reducing the outlay on student car insurance – including agreeing to a mileage limit – but always keep in mind that university provides endless opportunities to be spontaneous, and so a mileage limit must be realistic to how much you intend to drive.

Having a sensible, small-engined vehicle will always help, especially if there are no modifications, whereas more powerful cars with expensive parts will entice higher rates from most insurance companies.

There is a wealth of options online and the right deal for you is only a few clicks away. Car insurance comparison is traditionally cumbersome, but we could save students money on their insurance by supplying the tools to find you the best policy available, suited to your every need, and save you time so you can spend longer studying in the library!