Sports car insurance

Life is full of absurdities, it was noticed even by our ancestors that it is seldom fair, and often the anomalies that it regularly throws up simply become imponderable – to do so is after all pointless, because nothing changes facts.

How is it, for example, that by the time you are old enough to be able to find cheap sports car insurance, you have probably reached a time of your life where you have either lost interest in, would look silly in or possibly couldn’t even get in that sleek lump of testosterone-charged mean machine that you so coveted back in your salad days. Is it just a western civilisation thing, like how it is that poor people get fat?

Maybe, but whatever the case, it’s achingly frustrating because by the time you are truly at liberty to unleash all that stratospheric brake horsepower on the roads of the UK, you are old, and staid, and experienced and above all, statistics indicate that you ought to have become mature and responsible.

As a youngster, you may be extremely fortunate if you can get sports car insurance at all, such is the sheer potential of the machines that are out there. What once used to stand for entry level sports car driving for the young blade generally took the form a 1.3cc Triumph spitfire or MG Midget: 0-60 in about an hour, cheap to repair and thus it was relatively affordable to obtain sports car insurance

Today a modern micro hatchback would probably outperform it.

We now know that irrespective of individual personalities, a young driver stands a unreasonably high chance of dramatically dismantling NASA-level engineering – at speed and in seconds. It is a fact we have to face, we are not going to put a youngster behind the wheel of a 140 mph supercar on the roads of the UK lightly, any time soon if ever.

These facts have all been ascertained by an entity called the Group Rating Panel, which is chaired by members of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). It rates cars in groups from one to 50, and it does it by careful, mathematical risk assessment, based on numerous factors among which are power, speed potential and expense of repair. Group one is considered to be low risk; group 50, frankly, is going to cost you. These are not unreasonable people, they are just realistic.

If you are young, there is happily some light at the end of the tunnel. There are companies, accessible online, that specialise in providing sports car insurance to young people. Don’t get too carried away here, if you are 18 that Ferrari is probably not going to happen just yet.

But the fact remains that careful online car insurance comparison will likely identify a company that will cover you; some may even offer you a discount based on certain conditions, just as others may simply decline cover.

It pays to persevere, but don’t expect your policy to be cheap, because ‘cheap’ and ‘sports car’ are not words that sit well together in a life full of absurdities.