Pay as you go car insurance

Pay as you go car insurance is an innovative type of car insurance cover, designed for those who wish to be as financially efficient as possible when it comes to motoring. Although pay as you go insurance quotes may seem higher than regular insurance quotes, the flexibility they allow provides customers with the chance to lower costs incurred by car insurance overall. You can compare pay as you go insurance quotes with our effective car insurance comparison tool.

Pay as you go car insurance operates in a similar way to a pay as you go mobile phone contract. Instead of drawing up a steadfast insurance contract with your car insurance company of choice, you retain the ability to cancel your policy at any time. It attracts a variety of consumers who for one reason or another only drive for a number of months in the year. For instance, university students may wish to insure their cars only during the holiday period. By signing up to a pay as you go insurance plan, they can pay for insurance only whilst they are at home and using their car. The car then remains off road during term time.

It is easy to see the attractions of pay as you go car insurance. If utilized appropriately, it is comparatively cheap when contrasted against regular insurance plans. Many companies now offer pay as you go car insurance cover, in order to provide services to alternative markets. In fact, there are probably hundreds as pay as you go insurance plans available from different providers across the UK.

It is here our services can be of use to you. If you are looking for insurance with online discount, look no further – we have access to many insurance providers and can show you plans tailored to your needs in an instant. Use our car insurance comparison website to see a range of pay as you go insurance plans well-suited to your needs. This enables you to compare between around a dozen suitable cover options, rather than countless plans that may not comply with your motoring criteria. You could save both time and money by taking advantage of our free online comparison service. We understand the difficulties involved with finding cheap car insurance, and are here to help.

An additional benefit offered by many pay as you go car insurance policies relates to your no claims bonus. As you are driving for only part of the year (for instance, eight out of twelve months) your chances of having an accident are dramatically reduced. If indeed you don’t claim due to an accident, you will be entitled to a no claims bonus. Here comes the best bit: although you’ve only been on the road for part of the year, your no claims bonus will be for the full year. This is a major advantage of pay as you go car insurance and shouldn’t be ignored. Pay as you go car insurance, as well as offering maximum flexibility with minimum costs, could help you build up an excellent driving reputation that will lower the cost of future insurance plans.