Over 50s Car Insurance

There isn’t much to be said in favour of suddenly becoming a pentagenarian.

It’s actually the second of those decades during which you are neither one thing or another. The first one was back in your mid teens, when you were neither adult nor child (which could get intensely irritating) and now you are back in a similar quandary, most certainly not young, but not quite ready for the scrapheap.

You have hair growing from your ears and nose (this can be a much more serious problem if you happen to be a woman) and you really do need to think twice about cameras before you decide to hit the dance floor.

You could of course console yourself with all that tiresome acquired wisdom, and let’s not forget all the newly acquired disposable income that the government has suddenly decided that you are no longer getting.

Or what about the cost of insuring your car? Now that has to be a benefit. Over 50s car insurance means that you can now easily afford the cost of insuring the Porche 911 Turbo you’ve dreamed about for years and other that the fact that (unless you are Peter Pan) you are probably going to look a little silly trying to get in and out of it, you can almost enjoy your dream.

A well-made point has often been made about over 50s car insurance. Why should you, a safe, experienced middle-aged driver be expected to finance the folly of youth? It’s an age old gambit after all, become a grumpy middle aged stuffed shirt and blame everything you don’t like on the young. It’s supposed to make you feel better about being, well grumpy and middle aged, trouble is, as a philosophy on life it doesn’t really work.

Except that is, when it comes to car insurance cover and the discount you can expect to get when you get a quote for a policy. You’ll find that it’s comparatively cheap, insurance companies actually like you for a change.

The fact about over 50s car insurance is that insurance companies really don’t expect you to pay for the folly of youth. It is a fact not lost on them that people in your age group simply don’t have as many accidents, build up healthier no claims discounts and in the event that accidents do happen, they tend to be less serious.

Over 50s car insurance is as always, a case of shopping around for the best policy affording the best cover at the best discount. You can now afford to be a little choosy and if you have perchance let the computer age pass you by and are known by your children as a technophobe, then it’s probably time to remedy that because the plethora of online car insurance comparison sites has ensured that the effort of doing so will be well rewarded. Who knows, you may even get on email – because there isn’t much to else to be said for suddenly becoming a pentagenarian.