Online car insurance quotes

With online car insurance quotes, one size doesn’t fit all. The premium which would be given to a newly-trained 18-year-old driver won’t be the same as the requirements of a 48-year-old driving a classic car. The quotes that two 65-year-olds receive could also be drastically different – based on whether they have a no-claims discount which reduces the risk of them being involved in an accident, and their overall health.

So, when looking on a car comparison website like the one we provide, you need to be very precise about what your circumstances are so our search engine can bring you the best results. Even more important is being completely thorough and honest about your lifestyle to the insurance provider you choose, as providing inaccurate information to lower the premiums you pay can result in any claims being voided, and you becoming more out of pocket than you would have been pursuing all of the correct channels.

Online car insurance quotes can also include more obscure policies that aren’t advertised by mainstream companies, from independent specialists who can offer lower-than-average prices for niche insurance areas. Here are some examples of cover that is atypical to the demands of the average driver:

European car insurance. At this point, you may be scratching your head. Surely if I have valid car insurance here in the UK, I can drive on the continent without any concerns? In theory, this is the case, but you should remember that any accidents will mean that you only have the bare minimum of insurance cover available, unless your existing policy stipulates otherwise. If you go on holiday on a regular basis in France, or need to commute to Brussels on a fortnightly basis, choosing a policy where you can get a set number of motoring days abroad per year will guarantee that you lower the risk of suffering an accident while in an unfamiliar environment, and it can be an investment worth making – especially if you breakdown in unfamiliar territory.
 Gap insurance. Some experts say that when you buy a new car, the price depreciates by 20 per cent as soon as you drive it out of the showroom, making it one of the most difficult investments to justify. For example, if you buy a £7,000 car, and following a theft your insurer will only give you £5,000, gap insurance (also known as value protection insurance), will fund this £2,000 and allow you to get a like-for-like car – a move that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise, leaving you out of pocket.
 Short-term car insurance. You may require online car insurance quotes for a short period of time, anything from a few days to less than 12 months. This could be the case if you have a relative staying over at your property, and you want them to be able to use your car without your no-claims bonus being affected. In addition, if you’ve just bought a new vehicle, you can also rely on this short-term cover while you perform a full comparison of online car insurance quotes through using the handy search engine that we provide.