Multi Car Insurance

Do you have more than one car in your family, with not only yourself and your partner driving a car each, but perhaps your child/children as well? Multi-car insurance could save you and your family money by combining all of your insurance policies into one, streamlining the bill and encouraging your insurer to offer you a discount.

Multi-car insurance allows you to insure up to five vehicles on the same policy so long as the cars are all registered to the same address. This allows you to have your own car, your partner’s car, your child/children’s car and perhaps even a friend’s car on the same insurance policy. In a similar way to power suppliers offering a discount for taking water, electricity and gas from the same company, having more than one car on a single insurance policy will put you in a strong position to achieve a discount on your car insurance.

Seeing as there are over 100 car insurance companies in the UK currently, a great deal will always be available to you if you look in the right places. has an exceptional online comparison tool which will filter the policies that are suitable for you from ones that are not, and could find a great multi-car insurance policy that is perfect for you and your family, and at a great price.

As with all insurance policies, there are always certain issues to keep in mind when looking to take out a multi-car insurance policy. It is advised to get the insurance company to match the no-claims bonus discounts on any new cars added to the policy, and always ensure that you are aware of how losing the no-claims policy on one vehicle will affect the others in the policy.

Another important issue to remember is to make sure you check all of the renewal dates. If all five vehicles in a policy get renewed at the same time, it’s going to cost a large amount of money in one go. The way to avoid this is to pay the policy every month so you’re not sent an enormous bills every so often.

Multi-car insurance is a fantastic way to save money on your car insurance in a household with more than one car, so it is important to search around for the best quote; one that is both cheap and suitable for you and your family’s requirements. There are numerous insurance companies clambering to offer discounts and money-off for insuring as many cars as possible so remember that the bargaining power is with you. could find the deal that’s perfect for you by tailoring the search to your needs, proving to be the ultimate car insurance comparison website.