Multi car insurance quotes

Most households in the UK have more than one car; whether to cater for two parents in full time employment or an adult child with their own car, it is not uncommon for each driver to use more than one vehicle – yet many people don’t realise they could actually save a lot of money by insuring all the cars in the home on a single insurance policy. Here is a look at what multi car insurance is and how it can save you money.

What is it?

Like many other things, buying in bulk can be surprisingly cheap and multi car insurance quotes are available from many insurance companies that will often cover up to five cars on a single policy. This means that, providing every driver lives at the same address, the entire family and all the cars in a household can be insured on one single policy.

Why is it beneficial?

Having one single insurance policy instead of several individual ones can consolidate at least one monthly or annual bill into one neat payment which you can keep track of easier. The amount of paperwork required is also greatly reduced. When it comes to insurers, the amount of administrative work required per customer is significantly reduced, meaning they can spend more time catering to your needs.

What to look for

By unifying all your policies into one you can save time and money once your policy has been set up, but shopping for an insurance policy is never easy and by including other drivers and other cars, the process can become even more complicated. However, with a little time and patience there is no reason why it still can’t be easy.

Firstly, make sure you determine who you need on the policy, and for which cars they need to be insured to drive. Multi car insurance quotes will include several cars and several drivers, but not every driver will be insured on every car. Ensure you specify with your company which drivers can drive which cars to avoid any confusing technicalities down the line.

In the event of a claim, some insurers will only count this as a claim against that one driver and not affect any others who are looking to protect a no claims discount. However, other insurers might not distinguish between drivers so be sure to check their terms and conditions before buying.

How to get the best deal

As always with buying an insurance policy, research is always the best course of action. By checking with as many providers and as many quotes as possible, you can get a thorough idea of what is available and therefore make an informed decision. By going online and using a car insurance comparison website, you can quickly narrow down the options to providers that offer multi car insurance quotes, allowing you to efficiently compare the best prices.