Monthly car insurance

Struggling to find a car insurance policy right for you? You’re not alone – thousands of UK customers have trouble choosing car insurance cover to suit their specific needs. The plans offered by most car insurance companies don’t have the flexibility many consumers need to make insurance affordable. Typical car insurance requires sign up on an annual basis, which some find to be simply too expensive to consider.

Luckily, there is a cheap alternative. Look for an insurance company that offers monthly car insurance cover. Monthly car insurance operates very much like a pay as you go phone contract; you pay for your insurance per month, and can cancel your cover at any time, then pick it back up again at a time to suit you. Monthly car insurance allows customers in the UK to get insured for short periods of time, which is of course much cheaper than purchasing insurance for the whole year round. Monthly premiums may be slightly higher, but you are only paying it for so many months of the year; it is easy to see how the consumer benefits from a better value deal. A monthly car insurance policy is the key to complete flexibility and freedom.

Another major benefit of monthly car insurance offered by many UK companies is the ability for customers to build up an annual no claims bonus – even though they haven’t been paying for the insurance the whole year round. Monthly car insurance allows drivers to exploit all the benefits of being a safe driver, whilst minimising the chances of involvement in an accident (less time on the roads reduces the probability of an incident occurring). Individuals can build up a fantastic driving history which will allow them to access cheaper insurance in the future.

Monthly car insurance is also great for those taking domestic holidays, using their car as the primary mode of transport. Particularly if long car journeys are involved, it may be necessary to get a second driver temporarily insured on a vehicle. This can be easily done with monthly car insurance cover.

We believe in offering a range of options to our customers, which is why our car insurance comparison service has the ability to search specifically for monthly car insurance policies. Simply select the relevant options and fill out some personal details (a process which shouldn’t take more than ten minutes) to be displayed with a number of car insurance quotes specific to your needs. From here you can choose a plan that is cheap and meets all of your requirements – nothing could be easier. What’s more, you will be able to take advantage of the online discount offered by many insurance companies.

With the vast range of insurance providers we maintain connections with, there is an excellent chance we could find a monthly policy to suit you. Our car insurance comparison service is free of charge, so there is nothing to lose by giving it a go, and it could save you much valuable time and effort – not to mention money.