Low cost car insurance

Some things in life, unless you happen to be extremely wealthy and have no need to pay heed to such things, are economic ‘holy grails’. They are searched for and even dreamed about but they are never found.

Lately, low cost car insurance has become one of them. We have heard all the reasons offered up for this but whether we choose to accept them or not, low cost car insurance remains a seemingly mythical concept.

This, however, does not mean that you need to pay over the odds for your car insurance. There are a surprising number of people out there who are working from a rather flawed perspective on this score, and paying far more than they need to.

Upon receipt of the current year’s quote, the misconception seems to be that since car insurance has become expensive in general, then this year’s quote must be fair and just and accurate.

If this is you, consider fine tuning your vocabulary. Those last three words do not exist in the world of low cost car insurance.

The insurance industry has been somewhat defiant against a little sniping from the public lately. The criticism has to do with the practice of ‘rolling over’ your policy annually. You’ve doubtless seen the ‘if you’re happy you need do nothing’ letters. They appeal to the diffident and lazy side of our nature – none of us like forms and paperwork or hassle and let’s not forget the concept of change; oh, and don’t forget how wonderful your insurers are for reminding you that your cover is due.

The trouble with all this is that it really isn’t at all conducive to the idea of low cost car insurance, because most people are indeed happy to do nothing.

The insurance companies are unapologetic about this, they have made it quite plain that it is not their job to find, or indeed to provide their most competitive quote to a customer and that the automatic rolling over of an often bloated policy year on year is a practice from which they have no intention of refraining
Here’s a snippet of friendly wisdom. Don’t do it…ever.

Making a conscious decision to stay with your current insurance company is fine, so long as you have done your research first, and if the quest for low cost car insurance is to succeed, then research you must.

Here in the UK, online car insurance comparison has been made simple these days. You may be perfectly happy with your current policy, you may even think that it is cheap and you may have be loyal for years to your current company.

Still, you should check. There may well be much cheaper cover out there, and if there is you will easily find it.

And then when you have seen what other providers have to offer, there is nothing to stop you contacting your own and demanding a discount. You may well be surprised at what you hear.

Happy with what you are paying for your car insurance? Content to do nothing and let your insurer roll your policy over again this year? Think again, you may be paying too much.