Kit car insurance

Building a kit car is the ultimate hobby; the chance to create a working masterpiece to be enjoyed for years. Many car enthusiasts pour their heart and soul to create a true pride and joy but because the hobby can be so expensive and time consuming, kit car insurance is usually one of the last expenses, and also one of the few where people try to save as much money as possible. Fortunately, with the right amount of research and time spent, great kit car insurance can be found.

What a policy should cover

Once a kit car has been deemed street legal by passing a Single Vehicle Approval test for £190, what cover the car needs should be determined. There are a few things to bear in mind here; if the car has any particularly expensive or delicate parts still to be added, an all parts covered policy can ensure that any loss or damages are covered should anything go wrong during transit or installation.

Many kit car builders want to put their creations to the test out on the track; if so, make sure the kit car insurance covers for this possibility. Alternatively, a kit car’s novelty can be great for special occasions such as weddings or school proms, so formal occasion cover can be used to cover the vehicle during these times.

If the worst should happen, and a kit car sustains some damage and a claim on an insurance policy is needed, agreed value cover can ensure that the vehicle’s valuation does not take a hit. Similarly, should the vehicle breakdown, standard breakdown cover may not be able to rectify the problem; consider adding breakdown cover to the quotes to make sure the car can be back on the road as soon as possible.

As kit cars typically belong in the motoring fan domain, taking a kit car on a road trip is a likely scenario. If the road trip includes taking the vehicle abroad, ensure the insurance company’s cover isn’t strictly limited to UK driving.

How to keep the costs down

A kit car is fully customisable; everything from the colour of the seats to the speed of the windscreen wipers is up to the builder. As the majority of a car insurance premium’s cost is decided by the likelihood of the policy holder needing to make a claim, how cheap a quote is can depend on the size of the engine. Using a smaller engine can offer a discount as, in the eyes of the insurer, the vehicle isn’t capable of higher speeds. Similarly, include extra security features such as an alarm, an immobiliser and keep your car in a secure location such as a garage to reduce the risk of crime or vandalism.

While kit car insurance may not be a typical policy, similar rules still apply. Many providers will offer insurance for a kit car and going online to compare different quotes is the best way to find the right company for each car. Car insurance comparison means that a plethora of different providers can be filtered to each motorist’s specifications without having to trawl through hundreds of different individual sites.

Insuring your pride and joy may not be the most exciting part of completing a masterpiece, but by dedicating just a little time and less patience than it would take to assemble a gearbox, a great policy can be found.