Your Rental Vehicle Might Not Be Covered At All

Before you enjoy the summer drive in a rental car, check out few car insurance comparison sites to ensure whether you actually have the insurance coverage that you think you have.
When you rent a car, the rental company offers the insurance coverage for the vehicle on demand of some additional charge. Your car insurance company extends its insurance policy to cover the rental vehicles as well. However, there are some risks you need to watch out for.

Some insurance companies cover rentals in their own country but do not include international rentals. Often, insurance companies say that you need to have the insurance of the company where you are renting the car. Before you blindly succumb to the belief that your car insurance company covers your overseas rental as well; double check with your car insurance company.

In case, your car insurance companies do not offer you overseas rental car insurance, and you do not wish to pay additional amount to the rental company for coverage, your rental car will still have an insurance coverage extended to it by your credit card company. Remember, not all credit cards are accepted by the rental companies. Your credit card company will cover for the damage to the rental vehicle and not for any injury or damage to property. The credit car company go by specific rules so if your spouse is behind the wheels, make sure you have stated him or her as the driver in your rental agreement.

Accepting the offer of the rental company to cover the vehicle would be an option if you are renting the vehicle in a foreign country. You can ask the rental company about some local car insurance providers as well. Always assure with your motor insurance company about what all is covered under the insurance policy to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your drive on a pleasant sunny day.

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