Your License Points Can Increase Your Car Insurance Premium

In UK, vehicle law-breakings are convicted through the system of penalty points. It is a way of punishing the driver for bad driving by adding points on his license. The points increase in accordance with the severity of the offence, ranging from 1 to 11. Car insurance companies consider these penalty points while determining the car insurance premiums for the penalized drivers.
Car insurance companies usually fix high premium for the car insurance for drivers with licenses rendering the penalty points. These points make the insurance providers see the insurance seeker as a high-risk driver with great chances of accidents resulting in quick and higher claims.

Depending on the insurance company, the insurance seeker can be charged of a higher premium or be denied of any cover at all. Drivers who have penalty endorsements on their licenses can suffer an increase by more than hundred pounds on their insurance premium. The insurance companies take note of the history and the previous claims of the driver. They are of the opinion that drivers who have been convicted for rash driving or speeding have made at least one claim. Insurance companies are a little wary of such drivers. For drivers who have been convicted of talking on mobile while driving, insurance premiums for them have been increased too.

As insurance companies use many factors to determine the car insurance premium for the insured, they could overlook the minute penalty points for a first time minor offence. Some of the factors that insurance companies look into while deciding your insurance premium are age, car type, credit history, driving experience and previous claims.

Car insurance comparison sites could help you get a good deal as different insurance companies handle the penalty points’ factor differently. One company might refuse to offer you cover or ask you to pay higher premium while another company might offer you a lower quote.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.