Your Drug Conviction Might Result In Expensive Car Insurance Policy

If you are convicted of drug use while driving then it will have a dramatic effect on the quotes of insurance companies for your vehicle. If an offender’s driving licence shows drug conviction then the premium prices for his car insurance policy will increase dramatically. The car insurance companies also charge high due to the irresponsible driving by the drug convict which might result in damage to the vehicle. The chances of a probable crash are more for the drug convicts that is why the insurance companies charge hefty amount from them for insuring their vehicle.
In case the UK driver fined an insurance provider for their car then the premium charges will be 78% more as compared with earlier offers. Now their will be a rise in the premium prices from an average £404 to £720. Some of the insurance companies even avoid offering car insurance cover to the people with a DR80 conviction. Even if you see car insurance comparison site then the premium charges for drug users are quite high.
A car insurance expert also commented that a drug conviction results in a hefty fine of £1,000. Even the driver might have to bear a ban on his driving for 12 months or in severe cases a prison sentence also. So, it is not worth taking the risk of using drug while driving as it will only cause damages and results in costly deal for you. As you will have to pay expensive car insurance premium and also fine for using drugs while driving.
The government has also take a step further by arming the traffic personnel’s by the devices to check the consumption of drugs so as to test the drivers easily. If police find any driver driving in a susceptible way, they can do the drug test and if found guilty then will have to bear the cost as heavy insurance premium and fine.
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