Youngsters of Dumfriesshire top list for uninsured car drivers

It is known to all the insurance holders that there are millions of people across UK who do not have a car insurance policy. When the research for the hot spots of uninsured drivers was done, Dumfriesshire was one of the top places to make it to the list. Out of so many people there who do not have a car insurance policy, most of them are males and are young. Young men are the most convicted for driving without an insurance policy in this state. Out of the five places in the list, three were occupied by the men from Scotland.

The report for the same was compiled by a website named The report claimed that almost 28% of the men who were in their 20s in this town have been convicted for not having a license while driving. The male drivers from Glasgow were the third in the list and out of them 20% were convicted of not having driver’s license. The research has brought out the fact that male drivers are more likely to flout the rules of car insurance and drive without having a car insurance policy in their name. The women are unlikely to do so and the figures were less than the men were.

It is understood that people are not taking insurance policies as the prices have become high and thus the people are deleting car insurance policies from their list of necessities. The news is doing the rounds that price of car insurance has increased by almost 20% and thus the number of people driving without car insurance has increased. If you do not have a car insurance policy, the best thing to do is to go to the car insurance comparison sites and find the best policies listed there.

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