Younger Drivers Need Better Driving Training for a Better Insurance

A lot of talk has been going on within UK as to whether the driving ban should or should not be imposed on the young drivers. Apparently, it would do more good than bad given that the accident rate of the nation is pretty high. As per the latest statistics revealed, almost two-thirds of the teens already know of someone who have been injured or killed in an accident. The same goes for the accident rate among the teens with almost 11% of the younger drivers being involved in an accident themselves. As per the AA, it is highly important that the younger drivers understand that safer driving attitude and behaviour are two of the essential keys in combating the increasing number of crashes.


As per the car insurance comparison sites in UK, driving history plays a very crucial role in determining the insurance rates for the teenagers. It is likely that most of the teenagers are known to drive recklessly which means that their insurance premiums shoot more often than that of the adult drivers. Furthermore, AA also believes that the younger drivers should be imbibed with better driving skills such as that driving under wet conditions, driving during night time, or on highways. Driving lessons should be a part of the school curriculum which would ensure that the learning teenager could have better impact on them. Furthermore, it will also be useful to ensure that the driving test includes crucial subjects that could decide whether a learning driver is capable of handling discreet and intense situations.

It is also essential that younger drivers maintain a better driving history if they want a lower insurance premium. Adding themselves to their parents’ insurance is something which is not recommended by the car insurance comparison sites. Furthermore, it is likely that the better is the driving training of the person the better will be their response to situations. It is essential to understand that younger drivers run a risk of poor driving under intense situations if they have not undertaken a good training.

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