Young drivers paying it high

The blame for rash driving is finally worrying the youth. Young drivers are the worst hit when it comes to paying premiums to car insurance companies. Statistics support the same when compared with other age groups. That certainly does not mean that others are subjected to low prices. High amounts are troubling not just the youth but all equally. To deal with it the Office of Fair Trading has decided to intervene and further look into the matter.

The insurers have their own excuses for the hike in premiums to be paid. It is a well known fact that young drivers are most prone to accidents and so relatively higher amounts. Increased fraud and personal injury cases have added to the rise in prices. To add to this, companies show low profits that they pocket. In such scenarios, cheap car insurance is the most sought after thing. Online websites offer comparisons between the rates of various insurers, helping customers bargain better. Before finalising the insurer for your car, read the policy instructions and get familiar with the terms and conditions laid down. Fake insurers have come up with luring cheap insurances to attract more people, beware of such elements. Always go for the standard car insurance companies that assure help in troubling times of settling claims.

The high premiums have forced youngsters to look for cheaper stuffs. It is easy for young drivers to switch over to some relatively cheaper insurance policy. The insurers are well aware of this fact and are looking at new techniques to maintain loyalty among its customers. One such thing is black box technology with boxes fitted inside the car. It helps record database for speeding and if there is any law breaking it easily gets reported. Insurers offer discounts if accident free rides are accounted. It is in favour of both insurance companies and the young drivers who are always on a lookout for cheaper options.

Habits that can affect your buying of car insurance

Latest insurance claims statistics show that the most reported cases have one thing in common i.e. lack of servicing. Most cases show that drivers do not stop over at service stations even while undertaking long journeys. This habit can surely turn into an accident. Stopping over at stations will ensure that drivers are at the best of their concentration level. Putting the drive on auto pilot can be an accident in making. Such habits can really be hindering for your lookout of cheap car insurance.

Another research report shows that most young children pick up the driving habits from their parents. When behind the wheels, youngsters are more likely to score on points and risk their license if their parents had done the same. Even the drinking habits of the parents can be blamed for accidents. Youth are reported to drink and drive if they had observed their parents doing the same.
Aggressive behaviour is another observed factor repeated by the young drivers in their attitude while driving. Parental influence in driving has made insurers rethink about their potential customers. And this has been hard on the people, with some even driving uninsured cars.