Women with no insurance at more risk during winters

The RAC conducted a research and it has been found out that almost 31% of the total motorists do not have roadside breakdown cover and they are at more risk of being stranded in the middle of the road as the winter season approaches. Out of the total figure 40% are women and they belong to the age group 18-24. This puts them at a risk of getting into trouble while driving in winters.

This is because the financial pressure on the people is increasing and they are confused about the price structures. Due to this, they are canceling the breakdown insurance and are getting ready for the risk. More than one third of the people who do not have insurance have broken down and have faced great inconvenience.

The research also shows that the family members of the uninsured person come to his rescue. The young drivers are the ones who are dependent upon others for help when they face a car breakdown. One of the main reasons why most of the people back off from breakdown insurance is that fact that they do not know that the insurance rates are low. They do not visit any car insurance comparison sites and find out the best deal for themselves. The current economic meltdown makes the situation even worse and most of the people agree to the fact that their financial status is the only reason behind the cancellation of the insurance cover.

Iain Vale, RAC patrol of the year is also of the view that the economic situation may not be alright but if people would sacrifice their car insurance, they can get stuck in bigger troubles. He also believes that this is not the best thing to do especially for the young people. So make sure that you compare the car insurance and get the best deals for yourself and your children as well.