Will Your Insurer Pay Out Due To Storm Damage?

Here in the UK we do not encounter too many storms in the course of a year but, when we do, damage can be caused to vehicles perhaps due to fallen trees blown down in strong winds. So, bearing in mind it is a legal requirement that all vehicles are insured unless they are declared SORN and kept off the public road system, are you covered for the cost of repairing the damage to your car or for a replacement vehicle should your car be deemed to be beyond repair?

Well, that depends upon the level of cover that your insurer is providing for your vehicle. If you have fully comprehensive car insurance then it is quite likely that you will be covered for damage caused to your own vehicle caused by say the branch of a tree falling on it. However, if you have either third party or third party fire and theft cover then you will not be covered for storm damage caused to your car.

Therefore, it is worth checking what level of cover you have for your car so that you know where you stand should your vehicle suffer storm damage. If you do not have fully comprehensive cover then you may wish to look into the cost of obtaining such cover. Do not assume that just because this type of insurance covers more than the other two levels of cover that it is more costly to take out comprehensive insurance for your car because sometimes it may be cheaper.

So, if you would like to obtain a comparative quote to compare the costs of the three levels of motor insurance why not get in touch with us today and we will do all that we can to assist you in this respect. We have an extensive panel of insurers at our disposal. We look forward to hearing from you.