Why Tell Your Car Insurance Provider When You Retire?

Insuring a car these days does not come cheap. So, any way that you can find of lowering your premiums has got to be a positive move.

Your car insurance premium may alter when you inform your provider that you are retiring

You should let your car insurance company know when you are retiring.

There are so many factors that impact upon the premium that you pay for this type of cover. For instance, your age and driving experience, where you live, what make and model of car you drive, the level of cover you require i.e. third party, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive, if you have any driving convictions, who is insured to drive the car, how many miles each year you drive and the number of years no claims bonus you have.

However, another factor that may impact on your premiums is what you actually do for a living. So, if you are a GP, you may find that your premium is different than if you were a bank official as one occupation may be deemed to be more of a risk when driving a car than another.

When someone retires, this may also have an impact on their premium and cover. Therefore, just prior to when this major event in your life takes place, you should get in touch with your insurance provider and notify them of your intended retirement.

One of the reasons why your premium may reduce is that if you had been covered for commuting to and from one place of work but have now retired and are not taking up another job that involves commuting to work in your car then you may be able to amend the class of cover to just cover you for social, domestic and pleasure purposes to cover things like driving your car to go shopping and to visit friends.

Furthermore, you may not be going to travel as many miles each year in the car so this may mean that your premium reduces even further. Therefore, why not make an assessment of approximately how many miles you think you will be going to travel each year in it. It may be lower although, if you are going to be spending more time going away for breaks in the UK do bear in mind your mileage may increase.

We do hope that the above has been of assistance.