Why Park Your Car On The Drive Overnight?

There are so many things that impact on how much you will be charged by the insurer for your car insurance. One of these is where you would normally park your car overnight.

your car insurance premium may be lower if you parked your car on the drive rather than on the street outside your home

Parking your car on the drive rather than on the road may lower the cost of your car insurance

The reason why insurers charge a different premium depending upon where your car is left overnight is the risk that the location of where the car is parked presents to the insurer. For instance, if you live by a busy road and park your car overnight on that road then there is the possibility that it could be hit and damaged by another vehicle that is passing your car. Another reason why there is a greater risk to the insurer is that your car may be stolen by the opportunist car thief if he or she sees your car on the roadside.

So, if you normally leave your car parked overnight on the road outside your house then your premium is likely to be higher than if you had parked your car on your drive. After all, by leaving your car overnight on your drive, it is obviously less likely to be hit by a passing motorist and it is less likely to be stolen off your drive by a car thief.

Of course, even better still would be to park your car in your garage overnight as it will be even further protected against being hit by a passing vehicle or being stolen by a car thief.

So, if you do have a drive or a garage at your home then why not make use of them and you may find that the cost of arranging your car insurance is going to be lower than if you parked your car overnight on the road outside your home. In this respect, why not get a quote to find out just how much you may save – you may be pleasantly surprised.