Why Could Your Premium Increase If You Are Involved In A Motoring Accident?

Risk plays a significant factor when it comes to working out what your car insurance premiums are going to be. There are so many things that affect the cost such as the type of vehicle you drive as, if you are the proud owner of a high performance sports car, it is likely to be more expensive to insure than a normal family saloon.

your car insurance premium may rise at renewal following an accident

Your car insurance premium may increase at renewal even if the accident was not your fault

Where you live has a bearing on the price you will pay. There are certain parts of the UK that have a reputation for being renowned for a higher number of car thefts taking place.

If you are involved in a car accident then you may find that your premium will increase when your policy comes up for renewal. This is because the insurer will feel that you are a greater risk than a driver who has not been involved in a motoring accident. This is understandable.

You may even see your premium rise if the accident were not your fault but you were to claim on your policy. A lot of motorists do not understand why this should be the case. This is because it is believed by insurance companies that you are more likely to be involved in an accident in the future than someone who has not made a claim. Apparently, they have statistics to prove this is the case.

It is worth noting that, even if you have protected your no-claims bonus, your premium may still increase at renewal following an accident but it is still an option worth considering.

So, it is important that you drive carefully when out on the roads to avoid becoming involved in an accident. This is a lot better than being faced with having to claim on your policy and subsequently be faced with an increase in your car insurance premium.

We hope that the above has been of some assistance.