Why Could The Number Of Miles You Drive Affect Your Premium?

As you are no doubt aware, there are a lot of factors that affect how much you pay for your car insurance premium. For instance, your age, the make and model of car you drive, where you live, what level of cover i.e. fully comprehensive/third party/third party fire and theft, what you use the car for, where it is parked overnight and how many miles per annum you drive the car.

The more miles you drive each year then this may result in you paying more for your car insurance

Your car insurance premium may be affected by the number of miles you drive each year.

Why would the number of miles you drive in the vehicle each year impact on the premium and what difference does it make to the premium? Well, quite simply, the more miles that you drive in your car each year the greater the risk there is of you being involved in an accident. Some motorists may have thought that the more miles you drive then the more experienced you are at driving but this is not how an insurance company views this as they take the attitude that the more time the vehicle is being driven the more likely you are to have an accident.

As a result, if someone drives 30,000 miles per annum then they are more likely to pay more for their car insurance than if they only drive 3,000 miles every year as the risk to the insurance company of having to pay out to meet a claim is greater.

It is important that when applying for car insurance that you provide a realistic estimate of the number of miles you expect to drive in the vehicle every year as, if you were to knowingly provide inaccurate information, this could affect you if you were subsequently to make a claim. In fact, the car insurance provider could refuse to meet your claim potentially leaving you with a bill of many thousands of pounds to have to find for the repair works to your car and the other parties. It may also affect your ability to get car insurance in the future.