Why Changing Your Occupation May Affect Your Premium

When applying for car insurance you will be asked to provide a lot of information about various things. For instance, you will be asked your date of birth, your employment status and, if you do work, what you do for a living, your driving history, how many miles you intend to drive the car each year, what the car will be used for, the level of cover required and if you have any points on your driving license.

If you are a school teacher the you will probably pay less for your car insurance than a bricklayer

Your car insurance premium is likely to be more expensive if you are a bricklayer rather than a school teacher

All these factors and many more will have an impact on the car insurance premium that you will be asked to pay. It is important that you provide accurate information when applying for motor insurance.

You may not be aware of this but your occupation can have a bearing on the premium that you pay in view of the perceived risk that a particular role presents to the insurance company. So, if you change occupations, you should let the insurer know so that they can amend their records and potentially adjust the premium that you are paying.

For instance, if you have spent the last ten years working in the construction industry as a bricklayer but have now become a teacher of children in a school then you are likely to pay a cheaper car insurance premium. If you have been a journalist for the last five years but are now starting work as a chef it is possible that your premium will increase.

In fact, even changing occupation within the same trade or profession could impact on the premium that you pay. As an example, a bricklayer may pay less for their car insurance than a builder and a music teacher may pay more for their motor insurance than a college lecturer.

Insurance companies will no doubt have statistics that show that a bricklayer is less likely to have a motoring accident and claim on their car insurance policy than a builder. Hence the reason why the former is more likely to pay less for their car insurance policy. So, if you change your occupation you should get in touch with the car insurer to notify them of your change in circumstances.