Which Optional Extras Should You Select With Car Insurance?

As if you haven’t had to make enough decisions when looking into purchasing your car insurance such as the level of cover along comes a list of optional extras that, if chosen, will increase your premium further. So, what sort of optional extras are available and which ones, if any, should you go for?

Well, you should be aware that different car insurance companies offer various optional extras so you may wish to look at a number of providers’ features and benefits before making your final decision and also look at the impact of the additional cost of these options to your premium.

your car insurance premiums will increase if you include the option of car breakdown cover in the policy

Car breakdown cover is often an optional extra with car insurance

Car breakdown cover

Should you break down what will you do? If you don’t know much about cars you may need to call out a recovery vehicle that could prove expensive, Breakdown cover is offered as an option with many car insurance policies that use companies like the RAC, AA and Green Flag. There are usually various levels of cover such as roadside assistance, home start and vehicle recovery so you can choose the cover you require. It is often cheaper to arrange such cover through your car insurance provider rather than direct with the car recovery company.

Legal protection cover

Legal protection enables you to receive legal assistance should you encounter difficulty, in certain circumstances, in recovering the excess that you have paid when making a claim and uninsured losses if you were involved in an accident that were not your fault. You could also receive assistance in recovering medical expenses and lost earnings due to an accident.

Courtesy car cover

If your car needs to be repaired following an accident your policy will normally provide cover for you to be provided with a temporary vehicle whilst it is being repaired. This optional extra will provide a car on a temporary basis should yours be written off or stolen.

Protected no claims discount

No claims discount makes a significant difference to your premiums but depending upon how many claims you make over a period of time may result in you loosing some of the years’ discounts. Protected no claims discount provides some level of protection against this happening.

Lost car key cover

Should you loose or have your car key stolen this option will provide funds towards the cost of replacing the key and having your locks changed if they were damaged.

Wrong fuel cover

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can be extremely expensive to have it drained so this cover will pay a sum of money towards the cost although you would not be covered for damage to the engine.

Personal accident cover

This will provide a sum of money should you loose the use of one or more of your limbs, loose your sight or die in a road accident.

The above are just some of the optional extras potentially available. As to which ones, if any, you should take out has to be your decision based upon whether you feel that you need any of them and the additional cost.