Where Can You Obtain Cheap Car Insurance?

Now you are probably going to think that we are talking about seeking out cheaper car insurance quotes through the likes of price comparison websites. However, you would be wrong!

it may be cheaper for car insurance if you live in Aberdeen compared to some places in Birmingham

If you live in Aberdeen it may be one of the cheapest places to arrange car insurance

What we are actually referring to is the impact that where you live has on the price of your car insurance. In fact, this one factor can make a huge difference to your premiums.

Research undertaken by SmartWitness Incident Cameras that provide vehicle safety systems and CCTV makes for interesting reading. Based upon a certain car, the number of miles the car does each year, the age and occupation of a driver it was found that the cheapest city in the UK to insure a car was if you lived in Aberdeen. In second place was Plymouth. In third place was Bristol. In fourth place was Oxford and in fifth place was Edinburgh.

You may be wondering which parts of the UK have a reputation for being the most expensive to insure your car. Well, the top five all have Birmingham post codes. In number one spot was B9 Bordesley Green. In second place was B10 Small Heath. In third place was B11 Sparkhill and Tyseley. In fourth place was B66 Smethwick, Bearwood and Sandwell and in fifth place was B8 Washwood Heath, Ward End and Saltley.

Interestingly, and this may surprise you but there was almost £1,000 difference between the annual car insurance premiums for Aberdeen and Bordesley Green.

This does beg the question as to whether you should, as part of your house moving considerations, take into account the above sort of information. No, we are not for one minute suggesting that you move from Bordesley Green to Aberdeen just to get cheaper car insurance but, nevertheless, it is something that you may wish to be aware of.

Of course, it is still important that you do shop around to try to get the best deal possible when you are looking for car insurance.