What Do You Do With Your Car Insurance Renewal Notice

Every year we receive our car insurance renewal notice either through the post or via an e-mail notification informing us that it is visible online. That is fine but what do you do with yours when you receive it?

why not review your car insurance premium when you get your car insurance renewal notice

It may be possible to save money by reviewing your car insurance premium as soon as you receive your renewal notice.

Many people take a quick look at the new premium which has probably increased, shrug their shoulders and pop the paperwork in a drawer full of other bills or delete the e-mail. In the current economic climate, with a lot of people trying to contain or reduce their household expenditure, don’t you think that a better course of action would be to see if you can get cheaper car insurance elsewhere?

In the first instance, why not pick up the phone to your car insurance provider and ask them if they are prepared to waive the increase and hold the premium at the previous year’s level. At worst, they can only say: “No”!

You could also go on the Internet and type something like “cheap car insurance quotes” into your browser’s search box and start shopping around to see if you can get a better deal elsewhere. You will be presented with many websites offering to provide quotes some of which will be price comparison websites. It will only take a few minutes to provide the information that they require and you will then be shown car insurance quotes from a lot of companies.

You can peruse these at your leisure, at the same time reading the features and benefits of the cover you are being offered as it is important that the cover meets your requirements. If you find a cheaper premium than you are paying at the moment why not contact your existing insurer once again and tell them that you will move insurers unless they are prepared to match the other company’s quote. They may provide a different response to the original one.

Good luck.