What Do The UK’s Worst Drivers Do For A Living?

Research has recently been published by the price comparison website Gocompare.com that studied in excess of 6 million quotes provided for car insurance specifically looking at driving convictions people had got in the last 5 years and what the occupations were of those people convicted. You may be surprised to read that the national average for people with at least one driving conviction was 9.8%.

Oil rig crew are more likely to get a driving conviction than any other occupation in the UK resulting in those that do paying more for their car insurance

Research reveals that oil rig crew have more driving convictions than any other occupation category in the UK.

So, which occupation do you think had at least one driving conviction in the last 5 years? Below, we reveal the top ten occupations and the % of them that had at least one such conviction: –

1. Oil rig crew – 22.9%
2. Sales director – 21.1%
3. Operations director – 21%
4. Managing director – 20.9%
5. Asbestos remover – 19.9%
6. Company director – 19.7%
7. Refrigeration engineer – 19.6%
8. Area manager – 19.4%
9. Service engineer – 19.3%
10. Site agent – 19.2%

It is difficult to read anything into the above data. However, It is interesting to see that four of those in the top ten had the word “director” in their occupation title.

Of course, if you get a driving conviction then it is quite likely that you will see your car insurance premiums rise as well as you having to pay a fine and gets points on your driving license. Gocompare discovered that, in one particular example, getting an SP30 speeding conviction resulted in the average car insurance premium going up by as much as £72 per annum and, with two such convictions, premiums rising by anything up to £118 per annum more.

We are sure that you will agree you would rather not have to pay more for your car insurance than you have to. Those people that receive driving convictions are quite possibly going to find fewer insurance companies that will consider insuring them and that their premiums will probably increase. Therefore, do drive within the law such as by keeping within speed limits.