Volkswagen Does it Again- Insurance Companies Could Lower Insurance Rates for Volkswagen’s Fuel Efficiency

Car drivers in the UK could have a good news soon in the offing with the German motor company Volkswagen. Car insurance comparison sites have been generous to the motor company after it was known that the Passat BlueMotion from Volkswagen has come out to set a daring Guinness World Record. This could mean that people opting for the German model would be showered with lower insurance rates as per the recent happenings in the automobile and insurance sector. Furthermore, with the lower insurance prices, UK drivers can now enjoy a good mileage with the Guinness Record setting fuel efficient car.


As per the reports produced by the German motor manufacturer, the car model has been able to cover a large distance of 1,526.63 miles, all this on a single fuel tank. This is something as big as climbing on Mt. Everest for the first time for never before has a vehicle been able to travel this huge a distance on a primary fuel tank. Furthermore, the distance has never been achieved before by any standard passenger car. Passat BlueMotion has been able to cover the distance between Kent which lies in the south of France to Calais, a distance which looks impossible for the records.

The attempt carried out with the expertise of French auto-routes as well as the town routes left the speed for the whole trip somewhere around 45 mph. This experiment and the results show that modern cars have understood what it means to be fuel efficient. Furthermore, UK drivers who show their inclination towards this car make could also benefit with lower insurance premiums. Almost all of the car insurance comparison sites consider mileage as an important clause for considering a lower premium. With this new and eco-friendly car, lower car insurance premiums could become a possibility even with the current ongoing crisis.

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