Use car insurance comparison sites to find the cheapest comprehensive insurance policy

It has been proven that if a young driver takes comprehensive motor insurance instead of the third party cover, it will be cheaper for him. According to a research carried out by, which is a price comparison website, this thing has been brought to the notice of the young drivers. At an average, if a young driver goes for third party insurance, he will have to spend almost £1,434 per year. This amount is far more than the third party fire and theft coverage which costs £1,118 averagely and the comprehensive cover that costs £955 per year. This shows that the comprehensive cover is the best for the young drivers if they wish to save a good deal of money.

This revelation by the website has led to the shattering of myths in the minds of people. Earlier people used to believe that a comprehensive cover charge more as it gives more coverage but his statement is just not true. The people always thought that the third party only cover will be the cheapest but this statement has been proved wrong by the research. In the recent years, there has been a steep increase in the number of people who take up third party insurance. This was done in order to keep the costs low but the people have to know that this is just a myth and they can save more with the help of a comprehensive cover.

It is thus important to take a comprehensive insurance policy after comparing from car insurance comparison sites in order to get the best policy and the lowest prices. The insurance providers have increased the cost of the third party insurance as they perceive the increased risk. It thus becomes important to look around and shop for the best insurance policy that offers full coverage and charges low rates. One can easily find such a policy by using the services of the comparison sites.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.