Use Car insurance comparison sites and stay away from disputes

As revealed by Financial Ombudsman service, there has been an increase of 70% in car insurance complaints in last six months. As cost of cars is mounting at high speed, car insurers are opting to repair these cars by writing them off, which has also become one of the major reasons for disputes between insurers and drivers. Drivers are complaining of bad valuations and repairs. The costs of repair that may be between £30,000 to £40,000 are easily done within £15,000. Because of which majority of car insurers prefer to get the cars repaired at their own garages and drivers prefer to get their vehicle repaired at the specialist one.

Drivers in these cases do have to have to compromise with the quality of repairs. Rather they should get their vehicle repaired from the places they want to. Vehicles should be taken from garage when they are in perfect condition. If you have any dissatisfaction with the quality of repairs, you can ask for report from an independent engineer stating the condition of your car. Another problem that was reported by Ombudsman was the increasing number of drivers who are denied the pay outs at the time of car thefts. Here insurers blame the drivers for their car thefts and refuses to pay on the grounds that it cannot be stolen. These days a lot of insurers get away from paying up by saying that cars with security systems cannot be stolen and the only way they can be is by the carelessness from the side of drivers.

If you do want to get into all these disputes, look in car insurance comparison sites and find the car insurers who provide best of cover limits at affordable prices and also ensure great repair services. Do not fret just look online and get find a good car insurer for covering your car.

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