Uninsured Drivers Forced To Buy Insurance Cover

The car owners who do not wish to buy car insurance cover will now forced to declare their car off road. If your car remains off road most of the time then also there is a need to get statutory off-road notification. The car owner with a registered car needs to have an insurance cover now.

The government measures for clamping down the uninsured motorists have taken a new turn by the enactment of CIE. Earlier the drivers caught without insurance cover were either charged or prosecuted. Now the registered car users without an insurance cover will be issued a warning letter followed by a heavy fine. Further if the car still remains uninsured then it will be seized from the owner and destroyed by the enforcement officers.

Even the car owner who does not wish to pay road tax might have to pay heavy fine or else the car might get seized. Now the car insurance will become the necessity to drive the car lawfully on UK roads. One can shop around and find suitable insurance quotes at car insurance comparison site to buy a reasonable insurance deal.

According to the Department for Transport, every year uninsured motorists cause around 23,000 injuries on UK roads. The uninsured drivers cause more collision, which adds to the premium of honest insured motorists every year. The insurance companies add extra claim amount caused due to uninsured drivers to the premium of their customers to combat the losses. However, this continuous rise in insurance prices causes increase in number of uninsured drivers.

Now the car owners will have compulsive car insurance cover, which will not only make them responsible driver but also reduces average premium rates. It is better to remain safe while driving and suitable insurance cover will give you safety against any car damage and collision.

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