Uninsured Drivers Adding to the Downturn of Car Insurance Industry

A recent survey by a leading member of the car insurance comparison sites shows that the uninsured as well as the fraudulent UK drivers have been the sole reason for the current downturn in the car insurance industry. The reports show that this high-risk group is responsible for costing the responsible and honest drivers a sum as large as £1.25 billion in every calendar year. This further indicates that an average UK driver is spending £50 as an additional amount on their insurance premiums.

The CEO of the company believes that millions of UK citizens are wilfully flouting the road laws by using uninsured vehicles on the roads. This act of the irresponsible drivers makes the honest citizens to pay for someone else’s mistakes while also posing a threat to the insurance industry. Car insurance comparison sites as well as the experts in the industry believe that stringent rules need to be brought in order to ensure road safety. This will help in demarcating the uninsured drivers from the highways in UK, thus helping the responsible drivers in the most possible way.
Furthermore, in the previous weeks, Automobile Association also revealed a data showing the exact number of drivers not using insurance policies at all, let alone fraudulent insurance. The results show that close to 20 drivers in the UK do not own insurance cover for their cars, a problem that looks big given the current situation in car insurance market. The reports extended to show that almost 23,000 people in UK have succumbed to road accidents or have been inflicted with severe injuries, as a result of the rashness of uninsured drivers.

If you are looking forward to skip your insurance owing to the heavy premiums, chances are likely that you will be able to get a good policy upon comparing insurance quotes. Make sure that you are presenting your genuine driving credits to your insurer to validate for your driving.

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