Uninsured car drivers, a real trouble

The law clearly states that car insurance is a must.
Not only driving an uninsured car but also owning it is an offence. The reality however is quite contrasting. It seems that all such mandatory rules have fallen on deaf ears with the statistics showing poor results.

One third of the motorists drive without getting their cars insured and this numbers to about a million. Such large numbers are sure to give headache to insurance companies who have to shell out millions to settle the claims. Insurers are fearing nightmares because of damages caused by uninsured drivers.

Every year thousands get injured and many killed in road accidents. The uninsured drivers being off record are hard to trace down and the insurers are paying the price for damages caused by such drivers. Being honest and paying premiums is turning out to be a horrible experience for the people who are regular with insurance policy. People are paying high as the insurance companies are shifting the cost burden on the customers.

The damage that each policy covers varies with the premium amounts. The basic cover that each policy includes is a third party cover which also is a legal criteria. This would include the damage caused to other vehicles and covers the charges for damage to passengers from either parties. Any cheap car insurance will take care of such basics and if you are really budget-tight it is the ideal choice. For the ones who are competent enough, fully Comprehensive policy works the best. It covers all possible damages, including theft and fire.

It is advised to set down on road, only when your car is insured as results can be of serious consequences. Initial warnings can put some points on your card and when crossed beyond the mark, cancellation of license is pretty much possible.

Gadgets, are they all helpful? I fear so.

Car drivers are not just feeling dangers from the fellow drivers but from the unusual ones. Pedestrians are causing troubles that are least expected of them and technology is to be blamed.

Recent studies show that one in ten of the pedestrians are reported to have crossed the road while using their phones. The addiction is taking its toll high with most pedestrians making unsafe crossings which is resulting in accidents. Drivers simply cannot blame the pedestrians for accidents. Better way out is to be careful while driving near pedestrian density area. The results of irresponsible pedestrians show gender variations with women on the safer side. Men are more to be blamed for such accidents.

Such irrational behaviour on the pedestrian’s part is troubling the insurance companies who are paying up for the third party covers. This has led to the hike in the insurance premiums and insurers have their own reasons as excuses. Those on lookout for a cheap car insurance are having a tough time amidst such high premium rates.