UK Drivers Face Insurance Premium Hike Due to Mobile Phones

According to an insurance company, seven motorists out of 10 think that by using hands free kit, the driver gets distracted while driving. According to the insurance, company more than 15 million drivers use hands free technology on frequent basis. Its is illegal to use handheld phone while driving but still drivers can receive or make the calls through hands free kit while driving.
According to a study, more than 70% of the drivers are of the opinion that receiving or making call through hands free technology is a mental distraction for the drivers. Around 40% of the motorists want to ban the in car hands free kits also. As some of the car companies are offering car models within car handsfree technology but still talking on phone even through hand free while driving is a major distraction.
Even the head of the risk at the insurance company has also warned the motorists that whether its legal to use hands free kit while driving but pay full attention to the road whenever conversing on phone. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has also commented that speaking on phone while driving is a mental distraction whether you use a hands free kit for conversation. According to the road safety head of the society, the hands free kits usage must also be banned like the handheld phones.
More than 1.5 lakh of the drivers were convicted of using handheld phone in 2007 while 3000 motorists were held when they lost proper control on the vehicle due to the distraction caused by a hands free kit call. If we check the prices through car insurance comparison site then the phone usage also influences the premium prices as the motorists found using mobile phones while driving pay hiked premium as compared to the non mobile users. Now you will have to pay more premiums if you drive and use mobile phone as it causes mental distraction to the driver.
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