Track Day Insurance – What Is It?

There are an awful lot of people who enjoy a day out driving their own vehicle of some kind around the likes of a racing track or on a cross-country course. Hopefully, you are aware that your standard motor insurance policy may not cover you should you be involved in a road traffic accident whilst taking part in such an event.

The event could be one that has been arranged by a car club or it could be a number of colleagues and or friends who have got together to enjoy a day out racing their vehicles.

So, what sort of events may you require cover for driving your vehicle?

Well, you may be interested in drag racing that involves rocketing to a very high speed or you may enjoy taking your vehicle hill climbing or you may own a high performance sports car that you would love to drive at a very high speed on a racing track or perhaps a disused airfield.

Cover for your vehicle whilst taking part in such events could include the likes of accidental damage following a collision with another vehicle or if your vehicle caught on fire whilst taking part in an event.

You will be pleased to hear that there are a number of companies offering such cover that means that you are more likely to get cover for a competitive premium. It may be possible to get cover for driving your vehicle on tracks not only in the UK but also in some locations around Europe.

It is not worth taking part in an event unless you have suitable track day insurance cover in place for your vehicle so make sure that you have adequate cover in place to provide you with complete peace of mind enabling you to focus on driving the vehicle and enjoying your track day event. You may wish to obtain more than one quote but do make sure that the policy meets your requirements.